Solid board high quality product made from recycled paper, ecological in 100%. It is environment friendly – doeas not contain any heavy metals and formaldehyds. Our solid boards are manufactured in best European factories. Solid board is used in bookbinding industry, furniture industry, packaging industry and as transport spacer.

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We provide following types of solid board:

  1. Furniture solid board (upholstery)
    1. sizes: 1000 x 1300mm, 1000 x 1150mm, 800 x 1200mm, 800 x 1250mm, 1130 x 1500mm,1000 x 2250mm, 1000 x 1250mm
    2. weight: 1000g – 1600g / m2
    3. thickness: 1,2 – 2,2mm

We also provide solid board with FSC certificate.