Solid board high quality product made from recycled paper, ecological in 100%. It is environment friendly – doeas not contain any heavy metals and formaldehyds. Solid board is used in furniture industry, packaging industry and as transport spacer.

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We provide following types of solid board:

  1. Furniture solid board (upholstery)
    1. sizes: 1000 x 1300mm, 1000 x 1150mm, 800 x 1200mm, 800 x 1250mm, 1130 x 1500mm,1000 x 2250mm, 1000 x 1250mm
    2. weight: 1000g – 1600g / m2
    3. thickness: 1,2 – 2,2mm
  2.  Cardboard spacers
    1. sizes: 1025mm x 1100mm, 1100mm x 1340mm, 1100mm x 1540mm, 1025mm x 2200mm, 800mm x 1200mm , 700mm x 1000mm and other for customer’s specification
    2. weight: 900g – 2000g / m2
    3. thickness: 1 – 3mm

We also provide solid board with FSC certificate.